Vikos Gorge
The majestic Vikos Gorge is an impressive site with great ecological value. The Vikos Gorge is referred to The Guinness Book as the gorge with the smallest gap, just 1100m at the narrowest point and simultaneously with depth over 900m. With a length of 12km and a maximum height of 1000m the ... Read More
The Tsepelovo is one of the biggest and most beautiful villages of Zagori, with mansions, scenic little streets and traditional cafes and taverns. Read More
To Vikaki
The Vikaki canyon is on the south side of Astraka near the village Tsepelovo. This canyon is ideal for hikers who like river trekking. Its entrance is from the village Tsepelovo and its exit is from the village called Gardens. It is a very beautiful canyon with lush, atmospheric narrow spaces, ... Read More
Monastery Rogovou
About 2 km before Tsepelovo on a wooded hillside in Rogovo area is a monastery dedicated to St. John the precursor. It was built in 1028-1034 by Pulcheria the sister of the Byzantine emperor Romanos III Argyros. After the destruction of the Servokratia it was rebuilt by the brothers Kontodimos ... Read More
The Monastery of Agia Paraskevi
The monastery of Agia Paraskevi, which exists for 600 years now, is in one of the traditional and beautiful Zagorochoria of Ioannina, in Monodendri, hometown of the great benefactors Rizari brothers. The monastery is located literally on the brink of Vikos, perhaps the greatest canyon in the ... Read More
Monastery Spiliotissa
The monastery of Panagia Spiliotissa was built onto a rock on the left bank of Voidomatis River in 1665, by the monks Joachim and Sophronius. The foundation of the building of the monastery is of unique technique, with a vast variety of architectural applications by craftsmen of the time. During ... Read More
Pelasgian walls
Just before we reach the Monastery of Aghia Paraskevi, on the right, a small path leading to an area with lots of trees and rocks, called Palaiokastro or Pelasgian Walls. These are huge blocks, squared and accurately adjusted, in a wall. Boulders are scattered around the wall and it seems that ... Read More
Sarakatsaniki Sheepfold
The Sarakatsan Barn, is located in Gyftokampos position, the area of Rep. District Skamneli, in a wooded area of fir and pine trees. It occupies about 20 acres and the area has been allocated by the Ministry of Agriculture, in use, by the State forest MD area Skamneli, the Brotherhood ... Read More
The staircase Vradetou
Technical or artistic work? The famous Scala Vradeto connecting Vradeto village with Kapesovo and the world until the 70s is now a great hiking trail and a pilgrimage to the local architecture. It took 20 years to build the staircase Vradetou. The descent to the two bridges, the Pera and the ... Read More
The Monks bridge
Although it belongs to the community of the hood, "Monks bridge" or "bridge of Plakida" as it is also called,can be found a few meters before entering the village Kipoi Zagoria. It is a three-arched stone bridge, with a length of about 55 meters and deck width greater than 3 meters, while on the ... Read More
bridge Kokkori
This stone bridge with a single arch is located between the villages Koukouli, Dilofo and Kipi in the Central Zagori. It was first built in 1750 with the money of Noutso Kontodimos, but there were many times it had to be repaired or built from scratch. Many were also involved in the maintenance ... Read More
Nestled on an altitude of 2200 m, Dragonlake is one of the most impressive attractions of the area. Several stories and legends in combination with the breathtaking landscape make this hike an unforgettable experience. Read More
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