Zagori Running marathon
The mountain races in Zagori began in 2011, as incredible as it sounds, due to a bet. The bet was, if within 29 days we could design and implement a race with at least 150 innings. The bet was won and more than 300 people crossed the finish line. In 2015, over 2000 people took part in the race ... Read More
River Trekking
River trekking is a form of hiking or outdoor adventure activity which involves sliding on wet surfaces, climbing down and often swimming along the river. It takes place mainly on small canyons with water or parts of a river. Canyoning is a form of trekking in rivers, canyons or waterfalls but ... Read More
Rafting in Voidomatis
If water excites you then there is no better activity for you than rafting and hot-dog in some of Greece’s most beautiful rivers. With the help of your instructors you can choose a route that suite you best in order to enjoy your day in maximum! Rafting and hot-dog rides begin in Aristi’s bridge ... Read More
Mountain Bike
It is no secret, we love mountain biking! You can’t blame us for wanting to try new trails in Greece’s most beautiful places. When we come across something so good, we just have to share it. With a selection of mountain bike trips so diverse, you can be sure there’s one you’ll love too. Read More
Rock Climbing
Rock climbing either in a natural environment or in an artificial rock wall is a thrilling and fun activity for all the family! Participants will be introduced to the basics of rock climbing, learn how to secure themselves with the help of their instructors, safety rules and most importantly ... Read More
Throughout a dreamy route of forests and running waters, you will find the ski resort of Vasilitsa just after 70 km. Read More
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